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Fees Mediation

The Fees Mediation Committee (FMC) deals with fee disputes between PEO licence and Certificate of Authorization holders and their clients. The fees mediation and arbitration processes are available to clients of engineering companies who wish to dispute fees charged for professional engineering services. The FMC may either mediate or arbitrate fee disputes between professional engineering companies and their clients, as an alternative to legal action taken through the court system.





Chair of Fees Mediation Committee
Kathryn G. Sutherland, P.Eng.
Email: ChairFeesMediationCommittee@peo.on.ca
Fax: (416) 224-8168

General Inquiries
Svitlana (Lana) Tereshchenko
Tribunals Law Clerk
Tel.: (416) 224-1100 ext. 2269
Fax: (416) 224-8168
Email: administrativestafffmc@peo.on.ca

Fees Mediation Committee Members
Kathryn G. Sutherland, P.Eng. (Chair)
Gordon Danson, P.Eng.
Peter F. Scott, P.Eng.
Jude Tremblay, P.Eng.
Billy Haklander, P.Eng.
Paul Walters, P.Eng.

The electronic addresses of PEO’s staff and volunteers are provided for inquiring about PEO’s regulatory activities related to the regulation of professional engineers. The staff and volunteers do not wish to and do not consent to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages such as advertising or other promotional material.