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Honorary Members of the Order of Honour

Individuals who are not professional engineers can be granted honorary membership in the Order at any level, for extraordinary contribution to the profession. Honorary members receive a silver- and gold- plated Order of Honour pin.

1980   Alexander L. McLoughlin 
1981   Stanley J. Friesen 
1981   J.F. Kelleher 
1985   L. Gordon Jahnke
1985   R. Scott White
1986   Joseph A. Bisceglia
1986   W. Allen Campbell
1986   Tom Davey
1987   Hubert R. Whitehead
1988   Mary Curtis
1990   Michael E. Royce
1995   Loreta Senin
1998   Beverley Cockburn
2000   Ken Sharp
2006   David J. D. Sims, Q.C.
2010   Catherine Redden 
2016   Martha Stauch