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About PEO
About PEO
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2015-2017 Strategic Plan

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) is facing numerous challenges as we approach 100 years of regulating the engineering profession in Ontario. In this era of rapid change, we must prepare ourselves for new engineering disciplines, adapt to the increased pace of technological change, respect requirements for regulation to be balanced, inclusive and evidence-based, and respond to incursions upon our mandate to regulate the engineering profession.

In addition, we must change as an organization. Council, management and staff must anticipate and proactively understand the problems we are facing. Appropriate judgments will increase the prospect of our remaining relevant to our stakeholders.

This three-year strategic plan provides the road map for how we will meet these challenges and implement the required changes. The strategic plan is not an action plan or a work plan. Rather, it is a forward-looking blueprint that can be used to provide our organization a common direction. Specific strategies and action plans, with targeted completion dates, will flow from this strategic plan.