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Engineers Ontario

March 2, 2007

Professional Engineers Ontario is the statutory body that regulates the practice of professional engineering in the Province of Ontario. PEO's regulatory activities include the licensing and regulation of practitioners, and the prevention of unauthorized practice, as well as, the prosecution of those improperly holding themselves out to be licensed or holding a certificate of authorization.

As a public authority, PEO has adopted the following “official mark” under section 9 of the Federal Trade-marks Act as part of PEO's intent to develop its regulation-making powers. PEO intends to introduce regulations pursuant to section 7(1)8 of the Professional Engineers Act, and the official mark will be used to designate and provide one of the privileges for the intended classes of persons referred to under section 7(1)(8) of the Professional Engineers Act.

The “official mark” will be used to provide effective support of the provincial statute that has been delegated for PEO's administration.

PEO has adopted the following official marks:

Engineers Ontario

For additional information, please contact Gerard McDonald, Registrar, at 416-840-1102 or (800) 339-3716 ext. 1102.