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Building Upgrades: Electrical Master Plan - Lighting Retrofit

Mulvey and Banani (MBII) were retained to develop an Electrical Master Plan for the retrofit of the lighting at 40 Sheppard. Mirroring the reasons given for an upgraded HVAC system such as marketplace recognition for Class A office and future tenant acceptance, energy efficiency and lower operating costs, MBII recommended to Council to:

  • Replace existing base building luminaires with new energy efficient luminaires. The existing base building fixtures each utilize two 34w T12 lamps drawing roughly 68 watts per fixtures and will be replaced with a more efficient luminaire utilizing two 28w T8 lamps saving roughly 12 watts (18%) per fixture.
  • The new fixtures shall provide better light output than the existing, and as such, fewer luminaires shall be required providing for more energy savings.
  • The fixtures themselves shall be the same size as the existing fixtures.
  • Replace all 15 w incandescent exit lights with new 2 w LED exit lights.
  • Provide a new lighting control system within the building. The system shall have the capability of taking inputs such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and time-of-day scheduling, to further add to the energy savings.

Rob Marcuzzi, P.Eng., LEED AP, Vice President of Mulvey & Banani International Inc. stated:

“The objective of the overall project is to create an atmosphere consistent with the image of professional engineering. PEO’s vision is to have an engineering centre befitting a major profession. Mulvey and Banani are very excited to be part of this vision as the electrical master plan will assist in creating a landmark recognized as Class A office taking into account performance, sustainability and cost.”

The cost of these enhancements is considered common operating and maintenance costs and will be distributed over all occupants (tenants and PEO) of 40 Sheppard. In addition, an application under the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) rebate program was made to recover a portion of the cost.