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About PEO
About PEO
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PEO's Core Values

PEO’s core values are intended to inform the behaviour of its members, staff, and volunteer leaders in their everyday activities and interactions.

Accountability – PEO protects the public interest by being accountable to the public, such that PEO staff and volunteers accept responsibility for their actions and decisions, and deliver what they promise to deliver, and PEO as an organization honours its legislated and financial obligations. Staff and volunteer performance will be appraised based on meeting objectives within desired time frames.

Respect – PEO demonstrates respect for its staff, volunteers, applicants, licence holders, and external stakeholders through fair practices and timely, informative communications. In turn, PEO expects that its regulatory obligations and activities in serving and protecting the public interest are respected by its stakeholders.

Integrity – PEO demonstrates alignment between the Professional Engineers Act and its processes and practices, including consistency of its policies and their application to maintain integrity of the licence, and will adhere firmly and impartially to its legislated requirements in pursuit of regulatory excellence.

Professionalism – PEO operates in a professional manner with its applicants, licence holders and external stakeholders, by demonstrating competence, impartiality and reliability.

Teamwork – PEO achieves its goals through effective teamwork and collaborative partnerships both within the organization, between its staff and volunteers, and with other bodies involved in the practice of professional engineering.