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About PEO
About PEO
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Disputes Resolution and Hearings

Fees Mediation Committee

The Fees Mediation Committee (FMC) deals with fee disputes between PEO licence and Certificate of Authorization holders and their clients. The fees mediation and arbitration processes are available to clients of engineering companies who wish to dispute fees charged for professional engineering services.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee (DIC) hears and determines allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence against a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario or a holder of a Certificate of Authorization, a temporary licence, a provisional licence or a limited licence. The DIC’s jurisdiction is triggered upon a decision of the Complaints Committee, Council, or Executive Committee to refer a matter to the DIC for determination. The DIC also hears applications by members or holders who apply for licences or Certificates of Authorization after a prior revocation and suspension.

Pursuant to section 28(3)(b) of the Act, the DIC fulfills a role other than disciplinary in nature; it fulfills roles similar to what is known as a Fitness to Practise Committee within other self-regulated professions. For further information on reporting such a situation that may involve a licensee, contact PEO’s registrar.


Registration Committee

The Registration Committee (REC) conducts formal hearings between the Registrar and applicants for licensure. Applicants who have received a Notice of Proposal to refuse to issue a licence from the Registrar may request a hearing by the Registration Committee.

Complaints Review Councillor

The decision of the Complaints Committee (COC) to refer, or not to refer, a complaint to the Discipline Committee is final. No statutory appeal lies from the decisions of the Complaints Committee. A decision of the Complaints Committee is accompanied by a Notice advising the complainant of the right to apply to the Complaints Review Councillor (CRC).

Indeed, section 26 of the Act provides that a complainant may apply to the CRC for a review of the treatment of the complaint after a decision has been made by the Complaints Committee. In addition, the Act allows a complainant to apply for a CRC review, should a complaint not be disposed of by the Complaints Committee within 90 days after the complaint is filed with the Registrar.