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Practice Guidelines

As the administrator of a self-regulating profession, PEO is responsible for regulating the practice of professional engineering by ensuring that practitioners conform to generally recognized norms of practice. To ensure that this can be done, the Professional Engineers Act gives PEO Council the authority to establish, develop and maintain standards of practice that must be adhered to by all competent practitioners. Practitioners can benefit from benchmarks that help them determine the proper level of service they need to provide.

General - Engineer

Assuming Responsibility and Supervising Engineering Work Guideline (2018) 
Professional Engineering Practice (2017)
Guideline on Human Rights in Professional Practice (2009)
Professional Engineers Reviewing Work Prepared by Another Professional Engineer (2011)
Conducting a Practice Review (2014) (Save form to your computer before you fill it out)

Use of Seal

Use of Professional Engineer's Seal (2008)


Making a Complaint: a Public Information Guide (2011)
The Professional Engineer as an Expert Witness (2011)
Guideline on Forensic Engineering Investigations (2016)


Professional Engineers Providing Communication Services (1993)


Professional Engineers Providing General Review of Construction as Required by the Ontario Building Code
Structural Engineering Design Services for Buildings Guideline (2016) 
Structural Condition Assessments of Existing Buildings and Designated Structures (2016) 
Professional Engineers Providing Commissioning Work in Buildings
Professional Engineers Providing Land Development/ Redevelopment Engineering Services
Professional Engineers Providing Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services In Buildings
Professional Engineers Providing Professional Services in Building Projects using Manufacturer-Designed Systems and Components
Professional Engineers - Temporary Works (1993)
Professional Engineers Providing Services for Demolition of Buildings and other Structures (2011)


Professional Engineers Providing Services in Transportation and Traffic Engineering
Professional Engineers Providing Services with Respect to Road, Bridges, and Associated Facilities
Professional Engineers Providing Services for Municipalities (Rev. 1998)


Professional Engineers Using Software-Based Engineering Tools (2011)
Developing Software for Safety Critical Engineering Applications (2013)


Professional Engineers Providing Reports for Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (2001)


Solid Waste Management (2017) 
Professional Engineers Providing Services in Environmental Site Assessment, Remediation and Management (1996)
Professional Engineers Providing Geotechnical Engineering Services
Professional Engineers Providing Reports on Mineral Properties (2002)
Services of the Engineer Acting Under the Drainage Act
Professional Engineers Providing Acoustical Engineering Services in Land-Use Planning
Engineering Evaluation Reports For Drinking Water Systems (2014)

National Guidelines

Principles of Climate Change Adaptation for Engineers