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About PEO
About PEO
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Government Liaison Program

To be a world-class regulator, PEO Council recognized the importance of government hearing our voice as a regulator for professional engineers in Ontario, and in 2005 the Government Liaison Program was created.

The program’s main objective is to ensure that government, PEO members and the public continue to recognize its regulatory mandate, in particular its contributions to maintaining the highest level of professionalism among engineers working in the public interest. Ultimately, the goal is to have government view PEO as a partner, and understand and support PEO’s policy direction.

A licence to practice professional engineering in Ontario is a commitment that holds the practitioner accountable to the public and the profession.

PEO needs to use its province wide strength to get the message across to all levels of government.

Government Liaison Program Key Messages:

  1. PEO has a legislative mandate under the Professional Engineers Act to regulate the practice of professional engineering in the public interest.
  2. The self-regulating engineering profession – comprising over 89,000 professionals – has been successfully serving and protecting the public for almost 100 years.
  3. PEO has unique knowledge and expertise and it is in the best interest of government to consult with it before considering any new policy directions that may have the potential to impact the regulation of the practice of professional engineering.

Integrated into PEO chapter operations, the Government Liaison Program engages members in a number of initiatives through a comprehensive three-pronged approach:

  1. Facilitating strong, on-going relationships between chapter members and their local MPPs
  2. Actively monitoring and taking action on policy proposals and upcoming legislation that could affect PEO and the Professional Engineers Act
  3. Providing communications & policy support to express PEO policy positions to government policy makers

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