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Engineers make a difference for equity and diversity

In 2011, PEO council approved the Equity and Diversity Policy and guidelines for Implementation that aim to ensure all stakeholders are treated equitably and that members of diverse groups are always recognized, welcomed and valued. PEO’s Equity and Diversity Committee works to integrate inclusive values and principles into all association operations. Here are some of the initiatives PEO has undertaken to respond to the needs of the diverse community it serves.

MulticFaith Calendar

PEO staff and volunteers now use an online multicultural calendar that incorporates hundreds of multifaith, multicultural and diversity-related holidays and observances. The calendar includes major PEO corporate events held during the year and provides a way to recognize and honour our differences while planning and organizing association meetings and events. PEO encourages its licence and certificate holders to consider incorporating similar calendars in their workplace to promote a respectful and inclusive environment. View the calendar.

Equity and Diversity Learning Module

An online learning module, aligned with PEO’s Equity and Diversity Policy and guidelines, was developed to provide licence holders practical ways to reduce barriers to meeting participation and engagement.

This learning module is intended to:

  • deepen your understanding of how engineers can incorporate E & D in their work;
  • clarify what PEO expects from you in response to the E & D policy; and
  • help you develop a personal action plan for E & D.

To view the module and learn more about how to eliminate potential barriers and create a more inclusive environment, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://peo.lts-online.net/home
  2. Click on Enrol Now and then click on either Register Now to complete your registration or Log In if you have already registered.
  3. Click on Launch Course to view the video.