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New PEO Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program ethics module now available


The 2021 PEAK ethics module is now available on the PEO portal for PEO licence holders. Professional engineers and limited licence holders (both practising and non-practising) should complete one new ethics module each year to voluntarily comply with the PEAK program.

The 2021 module, Responsibility for Professional Engineering Work, is an immersive refresher covering topics like professional engineering practice, the PEO code of ethics, responsibility for professional engineering work prepared by you or others, supervising professional engineering work, quality management, and reviews of professional engineering work.

One of three elements of the PEAK program, the ethics module is an interactive online refresher to help reacquaint licence holders with their ethical and professional obligations as described in the Professional Engineers Act.

Click here for more information about the PEAK program.

To contact the PEAK program team, email peoPEAK@peo.on.ca or call (416) 224-1100.