PEO often seeks comments, suggestions and opinions from stakeholders on matters of importance to the association and to the regulation of the engineering profession.

Professional Engineers Ontario’s Professional Standards Committee (PSC) is constantly updating existing practice guidelines or creating new ones as required. These documents deal with professional matters and offer guidance on best practices for fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of professional engineers providing various services to either clients or employers. As part of the approval process, the PSC wishes to determine whether the following guidelines require revisions or updates:

PSC would like to invite practitioners who are experienced in providing engineering services to municipalities, land development/redevelopment engineering services, and services related to roads, bridges, and associated facilities to review the guidelines mentioned above and answer the following questions:

  • Would it be effective to combine them into one guideline since they have some overlap? Or is it more reasonable to keep them separate due to the nature and complexities involved?
  • Do they provide enough scope for engineering services for municipalities? If not, please explain why, what is missing, and what issues could be addressed?
  • What sections in these guidelines need to be updated, and how should they be updated?
  • Are there new sections or material that should be added to the guideline? and
  • Are there sections or material that should be removed from the guideline?

Should you want to reference which PEO practice guidelines are currently published, here is the link to PEO practice guidelines:

Kindly send your answers by email to no later than September 26, 2022.