Confirmatory Exam Program

Applicants whose academic preparation appears to be similar to that provided by a CEAB-accredited engineering program will normally be assigned a Confirmatory Examination Program (CEP).

A CEP comprises three professional (technical) examinations and one Complementary Studies examination. Its aim is to give the applicant an opportunity to confirm that the content of his or her engineering studies is equivalent to the comparable CEAB-accredited engineering program.

Applicants who have been assigned a CEP, but who also have at least five years of engineering work experience following their graduation, will usually also have the level of their experiential knowledge in their discipline-specific engineering fundamentals assessed by PEO’s Experience Requirements Committee (ERC). This assessment may require that the applicant attend an interview. As a result of its assessment, the ERC interview panel may recommend that the applicant’s assigned CEP be waived.

Applicants assigned a CEP cannot take courses at a university in lieu of the assigned examinations.

Applicants who obtain failing marks in a CEP may be designated as “failed to confirm.” Once an applicant is designated as “failed to confirm,” PEO will assign a Specific Examination Program (SEP) to address the applicant’s academic deficiencies. The engineering experience of an applicant who is designated as “failed to confirm” does not begin until after the academic requirements for licensing are met.

Applicants should know that interviews with the ERC for assessment of the possibility of waiving assigned CEPs or SEPs are optional. Applicants may choose to write the corresponding examination programs without attending ERC interviews.