Consulting Engineer Designation

PEO's "consulting engineer" designation helps promote recognition of engineers in independent practice. Only a member who has been designated as a consulting engineer by PEO can use the restricted title “consulting engineer.”

Holding a Certificate of Authorization (C of A) from PEO alone does not entitle professional engineers to call themselves “consulting engineers” or advertise their services as consulting engineers. Firms also require permission from PEO to use the title “consulting engineers” in their corporate names.

Application/Submission requirements

Requirements for designation as a consulting engineer include:

  • being a PEO member in good standing;

  • having at least five years of experience satisfactory to Council, in excess of the four-year experience requirement for licensure;

  • being "primarily engaged" in the independent practice of professional engineering in Ontario for the last two years. To be considered primarily engaged in independent practice, applicants must either derive at least 50 per cent of their earned annual income from consulting engineering or spend at least 50 per cent of their work time in consulting. The applicant must also either hold a C of A from PEO, or be a partner or an employee of a firm holding a C of A, in which case they must be designated in the firm's C of A application as a P. Eng. who assumes responsibility for, and supervises, the firm's professional engineering services.

When submitting your application, please include:

  • A completed Consulting Engineer application

  • A copy of your current resume

  • A project list detailing 2-3 projects per year for the last five years (please include: location & project description, name of client/contact person, start & end dates, and description of your duties for the project)

  • Names and email addresses of your referees

  • Payment of application fee: $265 + HST = $299.45 (in Canadian dollars, cheque or money order, made payable to Professional Engineers Ontario).

Note: Faxed or scanned applications are not acceptable because we require an original handwritten signature


The application package should be submitted by mail or in-person to:

Professional Engineers Ontario
40 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, ON M2N 6K9

Download the Consulting Engineer application (Please note: this form is fillable electronically)

Have questions regarding a Consulting Engineer designation? Contact us at

What to expect (timelines)

Consulting Engineer Designation Estimated time Process
  4-5 months Application Review and Assessment

Basic Steps:

- Submission of Application with Payment

- Consulting Engineer Designation Committee Review ( Meetings: approx. 4/yr )

- Presented to Council for Final Approval ( Meetings: approx. 6/yr )

    Note: Allow 2 weeks for mailing of Certificate after final approval