The Order of Honour

The Order of Honour recognizes those PEO volunteers, including both professional engineers and others, who have made valuable contributions to the engineering profession.

2020-2021 Virtual Order of Honour Awards Ceremony

PEO hosted its 2020-2021 virtual Order of Honour awards ceremony on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. EDT. 

The Order is an honorary society of Professional Engineers Ontario. It honours those professional engineers and others who have rendered conspicuous service to the engineering profession, normally through association. Candidates should have made a substantial contribution to the operation of the profession, its professional status, or one of the many specialized functions of the professional association and they must not be aware of their nomination. The association chose the name Order of Honour following extensive research to recognize the service rendered to the profession itself as a symbol that the profession accepts this responsibility with pride.


The member designation honours those who have served the engineering profession by contributing substantially to its operation or improvement in its status.

Honorary Membership

Volunteers who are not professional engineers can be granted honorary membership in the Order at any level for extraordinary contribution to the profession.


The Order of Honour's highest distinction, the rank of Companion is reserved for individuals who have profoundly influenced the engineering profession.


The rank of Officer is bestowed upon those who have served the engineering profession for many years and whose sustained leadership has contributed greatly to its operation or improvement in its status.

2022 Inductees