Reduced fee policy

To qualify for fee remission, members must complete the remission declaration form and send it to PEO's Financial Services department prior to paying their dues. Members can email the completed form to We'll contact you once we've reviewed and approved your remission request.

Alternatively, you may choose to mail the completed form with the reduced fee payment to:

Professional Engineers Ontario
c/o PEO Financial Services
40 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 101
Toronto, ON M2N 6K9

The Registrar may request supporting documentation related to your submission. 

Fee remission conditions: Licence holders on reduced fees must not practise professional engineering but they can self-identify as licence holders and continue to use the title associated with their licence. To practise again, they must exit fee remission which includes paying all applicable fees.

Fee Remission Declaration Form


Reduced Fees

Note: All PEO fees are changing as of May 1, 2019. Applications received on or after this date, as well as examinations will be subject to the new fees. Annual renewals of all licences, certificates of authorization, engineering intern membership, and consulting engineer designations invoiced with a date of, or after, May 1, 2019 will reflect the new rates. Click here for PEO’s fee schedule as of May 1, 2019.

  • P.Eng. - $79.10
  • Limited Licence - 79.10

(Fees include HST)

The balance of your annual renewal fee + HST will be charged if you cancel the remission before the next billing cycle.


Fee Remission Categories

PEO recognizes the following situations in which a reduced licence fee may apply:

  1. Retired Member - Any member who has retired from the practice of professional engineering as of the date the fee payment becomes due and whose age plus years of practice as a professional engineer equals or exceeds 90 years is eligible for a fee remission.
  2. Postgraduate Studies - Any member who is in full-time attendance at a recognized university undertaking postgraduate studies and not practising professional engineering is eligible for a fee remission.
  3. Maternity and/or Parental Leave - Any member on maternity/paternity leave from professional practice is eligible for a fee remission. The reduced fee will be effective on the due date of the member’s next annual renewal fee after beginning the leave. Any member on family leave from professional practice to care for an ailing family member or relative is also eligible for a fee remission.
  4. Unemployed - Any member who is unemployed from the practice of engineering and has no income.
  5. Condition of Health - Any member unable to work because of a long-term health condition or physical impairment that prevents them from practising professional engineering is eligible for a fee remission.