Complaints Review Councillor

A complainant may apply to the Complaints Review Councillor (CRC) for a review of the treatment of the complaint after a decision has been made by the Complaints Committee.

Review of the treatment of a complaint

The decision of the Complaints Committee to refer, or not to refer, a complaint to the Discipline Committee is final. No statutory appeal lies from the decisions of the Complaints Committee. A decision of the Complaints Committee is accompanied by a Notice advising the complainant of the right to apply to the Complaints Review Councillor (CRC[DM1] ).

Indeed, section 26 of the Act provides that a complainant may apply to the CRC for a review of the treatment of the complaint after a decision has been made by the Complaints Committee. In addition, the Act allows a complainant to apply for a CRC review, should a complaint not be disposed of by the Complaints Committee within 90 days after the complaint is filed with the Registrar.

The procedure to request a CRC review is by way of application. It should be noted that the CRC is not under any statutory obligation to undertake such a review, and may in certain circumstances issue a decision not to make a review or a decision not to continue a review.

It is therefore only in some cases, that the CRC will actually issue a Notice informing of his/her intention to commence a review. A report is the outcome of a completed CRC review. The CRC is prohibited under section 26(4) of the Act from inquiring into the actual merits of any particular complaint. As such, a review of the treatment of a complaint is a review of the procedures followed from the receipt of a complaint, to the disposition of the complaint by the Complaints Committee, and to the ultimate notification of this decision to the complainant.

Stakeholder Comments Requested

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Registration Committee Practice Directions

Recorded proceedings and Transcripts:

Motion or hearing proceedings before the Complaints Review Councillor are recorded by an independent court reporter.  If a party wishes a partial or complete transcript, these can be ordered directly from the court reporter in attendance at the proceeding.  The name of the attending court reporter is provided to the parties at the beginning of the proceeding. Costs of transcribing the recordings are the party’s responsibility. 

About the Complaints Review Councillor (CRC)

The CRC acts independently of the Complaints Committee. The Complaints Review Councillor is a member of Council appointed by the Attorney General of Ontario, and was appointed by Council to discharge the role of the CRC pursuant to section 25(1)(b) as amended. 

Complaints Review Councillor
Yufei (Fiona) Wang, LL.B.
Fax: 416-224-8168

The CRC may not be a member of the Complaints Committee or the Fees Mediation Committee.

For the Membership Roster please go to the following link (Committees and Task Force Roster): (Note: see page 9 for CRC)

Complaints Review Councillor

25.(1) There shall be a Complaints Review Councillor who shall be appointed by Council and shall be,

(a) a member of the Council appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council under clause 3 (2) (c); or

(b) a person who is neither a member of the Council nor a member of the Association, and approved by the Attorney General. 2010, c. 16, Sched. 2, s. 5 (45).

General Inquiries and any accessibility assistance requests (B):

Sal Guerriero, LLM, P.Eng.
Manager, Tribunal Operations
Tel.: 416-840-1080
Fax: 416-224-8168

The designation (B) indicates a staff member who communicates in French and English.

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