Mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) program coming January 2023

Beginning in January 2023, PEO is launching a mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) program based on its current, optional Professional Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program. As of January 2023, all PEO licence holders (both practising and non-practising) will be required to comply with the program. The existing, voluntary PEAK program will be discontinued as PEO transitions towards the mandatory CPD program.


CPD is intended to maintain a regulated professional’s knowledge, skills, competence and professionalism commensurate with safeguarding the public interest concerning the professional’s practice activities. For this reason, PEO’s CPD program supports professional engineers to practise engineering competently and ethically; and, just as importantly, illustrates this commitment engineers make to the public.

As part of its mandate to protect the public interest, PEO has a duty to ensure all licence holders meet standards of learning, professional competence and professional conduct that are appropriate for the engineering services they provide. In February 2021, PEO Council reaffirmed its commitment to the creation of a mandatory CPD program  based on PEAK.  This approach is consistent with the Action Plan derived from the 2019 External Regulatory Review as well as a number of other directions that have emerged from various sources, including commissions of inquiry and coroners’ inquests.


Mandatory CPD is a regulatory best practice for professional regulators across Canada and around the world. All of Canada’s other provincial engineering regulators now have a mandatory CPD requirement, as do most Ontario professional regulators, such as those responsible for regulating lawyers, accountants, etc. Implementing a mandatory CPD requirement will:

  • Bring PEO in line with the best practices of other professional regulators, including other engineering regulators, which have a mandate to protect the public.
  • Foster public confidence in the profession.
  • Conform with recent recommendations from several key government-related stakeholders, including the Elliot Lake Commission of Inquiry and the inquiry into the fatal 2012 Radiohead concert stage collapse.
  • Meet regulatory expectations that have been communicated by Attorney General of Ontario, who is the Minister with responsibility for PEO and the Professional Engineers Act.

Mandatory CPD based on PEAK is also a key element of PEO’s enterprise-wide transformation, to enable PEO to achieve its change vision of becoming a professional, modern regulator that delivers on its statutory mandate to serve and protect the public interest. Mandatory CPD based on PEAK is a quality improvement initiative that complements PEO’s other public protection activities including licensing, complaints and discipline, and practice guidelines. It is a proactive measure to ensure competence and reflects a profession-wide commitment to quality.

Please continue to monitor this page regularly as further details about the mandatory CPD program based on PEAK will be published as additional information becomes available.  

Consultation Survey on PEO's Mandatory CPD Program

PEO conducted a public consultation between Tuesday April 12, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. ET and Friday, May 6, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. ET through an online survey. The survey is now closed. Thank you to all those who participated.