Discipline Committee

Committee that convenes discipline hearings of cases referred by the Complaints Committee where a PEO licensee or Certificate of Authorization (C of A) holder is the subject of a complaint alleging negligence or professional misconduct, the second stage of the Complaints and Discipline Process.

Meetings: 2 meetings, 10 panels of 2 days each. Panels meet during the day.
Membership: currently 44 members; membership is restricted. Members must be Professional Engineers with "no less than ten (10) year of experience in the practice of professional engineering" (Professional Engineers Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.28, s.27 (1).).

Committee Chair: Stella H. Ball, LL.B., ChairDisciplineCommittee@peo.on.ca
Committee Advisor: Johnny Zuccon, P.Eng. – Registrar, jzuccon@peo.on.ca