Volunteer Orientation

Materials and resources to help PEO volunteers be productive and get the most from their volunteer experience: Volunteer manual, orientation and compliance training

Volunteer Compliance training

The Government of Ontario mandates that volunteers receive occupational health and safety and accessibility training. The intent of the training is to educate PEO volunteers on their rights and responsibilities as volunteers, as well as their duties when working in a volunteer capacity, so that they may perform their work safely and in compliance with the law. Your completion of the legislated training courses is required by December 31, 2019.

The following names are of all volunteers who have completed the Ontario government-mandated health & safety/accessibility training requirement as of December 31, 2019. If you have completed the training and cannot find your name on the list, please forward a PDF copy of your completion certificates to: volunteering@peo.on.ca

To access the training please follow these steps:

1) Click on the survey link to register as a volunteer: https://surveys.hrdownloads.com/professionalengineersontario/volunteerregistration2019 
(If clicking the link does not take you to a registration page, copy and paste the link directly into your browser. Please note the survey works best in the Chrome web browser.)

2)  After you register you will receive an email from training vendor HRDownloads. The email will contain your username/password and a link to access your training courses.

3)  Click on the link. Copy and paste the username/password to log-in.

4) Watch the 3 training videos and take the three quizzes.

5) If you encounter any technical issues email Matt Drappel at mdrappel@hrdownloads.com

Volunteer Manual

As a global leader in self-regulation, PEO relies heavily on its volunteers. More than 1,000 professional engineers, engineering interns and non-engineers volunteer their time each year on behalf of the association through participation in governance and operations.

To help our volunteers be productive and to help make their volunteer experience enjoyable, we have developed a Volunteer Manual to support you in your new role as a PEO volunteer. This manual will provide you information about PEO’s regulatory role, its governance structure and its volunteer policies and procedures. There is also information on PEO’s recognition program and awards.

Volunteer Orientation

As the regulator of the engineering profession in Ontario, PEO relies on licence holders' voluntary participation to help govern and manage its affairs. This is achieved through an organization of committees and ad hoc task forces. Committees are appointed by Council to address a continuing need and generally stand for several years. Task forces have limited life-span and are appointed by Council or its Executive Committee, to study issues, develop recommendations or oversee special initiatives.

For more information about the PEO Committees and Task Forces operations and structure, please click here.

As a part of PEO’s volunteer on-boarding and orientation program, the following online training modules are available to all volunteers:

  • Engineers make a difference for equity and diversity

  • Orientation for PEO Volunteers

  • Privacy at PEO: What You Need To Know

To view the above modules, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to https://peo.lts-online.net/home

  2. Click on Enrol Now and then click on either Register Now to complete your registration or Log In if you have already registered.

  3. Click on Launch Course to view the video.