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New PEAK ethics module is coming this summer


PEO is working on a 2021 addition to the ethics module element of its Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program. This additional module is expected to be available in summer 2021.

Every year since PEAK’s debut in 2017, PEO has delivered a new ethics module – an interactive online refresher to help reacquaint licence holders with their ethical and professional obligations as described in the Professional Engineers Act. Currently, four modules are available to PEO licence holders under the PEAK tab through their password-protected PEO portal accounts at https://secure.peo.on.ca/ebusiness/home. Licence holders are requested to complete one new ethics module per licence year.

The annual, three-part PEAK program comprises:

  1. An online practice evaluation (practice declaration and questionnaire)
  2. An online ethics module
  3. An online continuing knowledge declaration (reporting form)

PEO recommends professional engineers and limited licence holders (including retirees) voluntarily complete their PEAK program elements every year, as part of their licence renewal process. Currently, participating in the program is not mandatory to maintain or renew a PEO licence; however, licence holders’ completion statuses are posted on PEO’s directory.

The program aims to help ensure that PEO has sufficient information on each licence holder’s practice to carry out its role as Ontario’s engineering regulator. The program also gauges the professional knowledge activities of licence holders.

The ethics module is not a test and does not require any preparations or study before completing it. The content covers a variety of subjects including: the regulatory role of PEO, a review of the legal and ethical obligations of licensure, professional misconduct, and the licence holder’s duty to report. The module also reminds licence holders on how these obligations should be applied to real-life situations.

For more information, visit www.peopeak.ca. To contact the PEAK program team, email peoPEAK@peo.on.ca or call (416) 224-1100.