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PEO has switched to communication by email only


Effective April 30, 2022, and as previously advised, PEO will be communicating only by email. We will no longer be relying on traditional mail. This change brings us into line with many modern businesses, organizations and fellow regulators which now rely exclusively on electronic communications. Apart from being more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly, email communication also ensures that regulatory information and important notices reach all licence holders in a timely and consistent fashion.

What you need to do

If you have already provided us with a valid email address, please ensure it is the one you wish to continue to use to receive essential information from PEO. It is important to choose an email address that you check on a regular basis, that you do not share with other people, and that you will not have to change often. You can change your email address through our online portal at https://secure.peo.on.ca/ebusiness/home.

If you have not provided us with a valid email address, you may do so through our online portal at https://secure.peo.on.ca/ebusiness/home. If you have yet to create an account in the portal, select “Register Now” and follow the instructions provided.

If you do not have an email address, you can easily register for one through many different providers, with Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo among the most common and free. Once you have an email address, make sure to add PEO to your approved senders list (@peo.on.ca) so our email messages do not end up in your spam filter.

Information that will be communicated exclusively by email includes:

  • Application information and notices, including exam-related announcements;
  • Licence renewal notices;
  • PEO Council Elections materials;
  • Annual general meeting details;
  • Updates on PEO’s Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program, and impending mandatory continuing professional development program;
  • Engineering Dimensions magazine;
  • Consultations, including changes to professional practice standards and guidelines; and
  • Changes to provincial legislation, regulations and PEO bylaws.

We value your privacy and are both legally obliged and committed to protect it. Your email address will only be used for PEO-related business and will not be shared with third parties without your express permission.

Accessibility for persons with disabilities

PEO is committed to fulfilling its legal obligation to accommodate persons with disabilities so that they have full access to the information described above. If you have a need for accommodation because of a disability that limits your ability to access electronic communications tools, please contact our Financial Services team at 1-800-339-3716 extension 1125. We will do our best to accommodate those whose use of email is restricted because of a disability.

Thank you for your cooperation.