Executive Committee

The Executive (EXE) Committee is made up of the president, president-elect, past president, appointed and elected vice-presidents, at least one LGA councillor and additional councillor(s)

Committee that is comprised of the President, President-elect, Past President, Appointed and Elected Vice Presidents, at least one LGA Councillor and additional Councillor(s), if any, as determined by Council at its first meeting following the AGM; acts as a steering and priority-setting committee for PEO activities and policy development.
Meetings: approx. 4/yr
Membership: currently 9 members; Membership is restricted to current members of Council.

Committee Chair: Marisa Sterling, P.Eng. 
Committee Advisor: Johnny Zuccon, P.Eng. - CEO/Registrar, jzuccon@peo.on.ca


Pending Documents: Human Resources Plan, Work Plan

Upcoming Meetings

Past Meetings