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PEO publishes a variety of resources to assist licence holders in their roles and responsibilities, as well as guidance for applicants going through the licensure process.


Ontario professional engineers are part of a community of more than 87,500 PEO licence and certificate holders committed to enhancing the quality of life, safety and well-being in the province.

As Ontario’s engineering regulator, PEO relies heavily on its volunteers. More than 1,000 professional engineers, engineering interns and non-engineers volunteer their time each year on behalf of the association through their participation.

PEO's mandate, as described in the Professional Engineers Act, is to ensure that the public is protected and that individuals and companies providing engineering services uphold a strict code of professional ethics and conduct.

Online Learning Modules

PEO’s Online Learning Modules provide licence holders, volunteers, staff and applicants with various learning and development opportunities.

Practice Advice Resources and Guidelines

PEO offers a variety of practice advice resources to assist licence holders in providing professional and ethical engineering services.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Applications are only valid when received and the necessary requirements have been met. However, if you submit a completed application and pay the application fee within six months of convocation, and are subsequently approved for a licence, that application fee will be credited towards payment of your registration and initial P.Eng. licence fees. 

No. However, if you apply for a P.Eng. licence and pay the application fee, that fee will be credited towards payment of your registration and initial P.Eng. licence fees should you be approved for a licence.

Current revenues do not enable PEO to fulfil adequately its legislated functions and supporting activities. Revenues from the growth in the number of licence holders, applications, examinations etc., have not been adequate to keep pace with the rate of inflation of nearly 20 per cent over this time.

This is a one-time increase. Any future increases will be decided upon by PEO Council.  

Fees related to all licences, examinations, certificates of authorization, consulting engineer designations, reinstatements, engineering intern membership, fee remissions and seals will be increased by approximately 20 per cent, effective May 1, 2019. In addition, two current fees previously not included in By-Law No. 1 have been added with an increase of approximately 20 per cent: Requesting a re-marking of an exam and requesting a PEO examination to be held outside of Canada.

To see a complete list of PEO’s fees as of May 1, 2019, click here. 

No. Only invoices sent on and after May 1, 2019 will include the new fees. If you received an invoice prior to May 1, 2019, you should pay only the amount requested on that notice.

The annual licence-holder fee was last increased in 2008.

At its February 2019 meeting, Council approved repealing section 59 of By-Law No. 1 to remove its obligation to always seek member confirmation to increase the annual licence holder fee. Section 59, which was created in 2011, had been determined to be legally invalid, as it infringed on Council’s authority to determine on a case-by-case basis whether to seek member confirmation of by-laws passed by Council. The repealed section of the bylaw read as follows:

59. Council shall seek confirmation by the members of the association of a bylaw passed by the Council pursuant to the act pertaining only to annual fees for licence holders 

Council still retains its full authority to decide on passing future bylaw changes, with or without seeking a member confirmation to vote. Council has the authority under section 8(2) of the Professional Engineers Act to pass any bylaw within its bylaw-making powers unless under section 8(3) Council specifies that the bylaw be confirmed by a majority of the members voting on the bylaw.

Council also decided to approve the approximately 20 per cent fee increase under section 8(2) of the Professional Engineers Act without seeking member confirmation of the bylaw change.  

The bylaw changes approved by Council in March 2019 and that become effective May 1, 2019, are one-time fee increases to catch up with inflation since 2008. They exclude for the time being two new fees approved by Council in November 2018. These include: interviews to waive technical examinations, and a $10 credit card convenience fee. These new fees may be implemented later. 

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